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Open source licenses
License details for open source software
Dual SIM
Display two call icons
Couldn\'t detect dual-sim, please make sure you have both sim-cards inserted
If you\'re not happy with your purchase you can cancel at any time
Remove all ads
Upgrade your account now!
Fast priority support
MMS Tester
Unlock all themes, export backups & more
Unlimited contacts, sms & call log backup
Click to run the mms-tester that might fix settings issues
Please rate Contacts+
Poor|Fair|Good|Very good|Excellent
Thank you! we\'ll really appreciate it if you\'d add your rating on GooglePlay
What was the worst problem you experienced?
Too slow|It crashes too often|Messaging issues|No dual sim support|No pictures sync|Duplicate contacts|Can\'t edit contacts or groups|Contacts sort issues|Battery issues|Can\'t sign in to my account|I don\'t understand what to do|Other
It\'s %1$s\'s %2$s
Send contact
Delete all calls
Upgrade now
More apps
Backup is %s
Caller ID is %s
Spam block is %s
To get going, give Contacts+ access
Contacts+ needs access to your contacts, phone and sms in order to work properly.
Like Contacts+ to get the latest news and updates
+1 to get the latest news and updates
Thanks! Invitations sent
Add photos
Add photos to your contacts by inviting your Facebook friends to Contacts+
Show caller ID
See demo
You can now identify unknown callers and spammers with our Caller ID. Touch the demo button to see it in action.
Gmail cards
Activate Gmail cards to see your contacts emails in Contacts+.
Homescreen shortcuts
Add our shortcuts to your dock to quickly access your sms and calls.
Quick call
Double tap a pic to make a call straight from the contacts tab.
Identify unknown callers
There are unknown callers in your call log — would you like to know who they are?
Updating unknown callers data
Sorry, can\'t edit local profile
Account deletion
Send a Happy %s wish :)
Backup account: %1$s
Contacts: %1$s
Calls: %1$s
SMS: %1$s
To reduce data usage, connect your phone to wi-fi. If you don\'t restore your data now, you\'ll be able to do it later from Settings -> Backup -> turn on the Contacts/SMS/Calls switches
Initial restore is complete. The rest of your backup will be restored in the background.
Skip the restore process?
Restore will continue in the background.
Please check your connection and try again.
Backup restore will resume in the background once your phone has an internet connection
Backup found
Backup restore
To restore your message, make Contacts+ your default SMS app.
Change SMS app
Preparing to restore...
Restoring: %1$s
Restoring (%1$s)
Restore stopped
Try Again
Charge for initial backup
Backup is off
Sign in to your account
Add name
Add phone number
Privacy Policy
Permission required
Please turn on Contacts+
Caller ID popups require permission to draw over the call screen. Touch to update
Permission required for backup
Allow access
In order to work properly Contacts+ needs access to your phone and contacts.
To show your messages Contacts+ needs access to your SMS.
No registered accounts were found.
Choose account to delete. This cannot be undone.
The following account will be deleted: %1$s. This cannot be undone.
Your data was deleted.
%s added to block list
Drag the popup anywhere on the screen
Not spam
Contacts+ change log
Turn on Gmail
Manage cards
Stop receiving cards for this account?
Free backup
The last email from %1$s will show up here...
Show tips
No internet connection
Check your connection and try again.
Welcome back %s!
You can start using the app while we\'re updating your account.\nEnjoy the rest of your %1$s☺
Skip the setup process?
%d contacts will be removed from frequents
Times contacted
To continue, you will need to add a google account to your phone
Hello! choose your favorites
People usually select 3 or more contacts
Your favorites will be shown first in your contacts screen
You\'ve successfully upgraded your account to %1$s
Everything you need to stay in touch with your contacts
Organize your favorite people, sms and calls in one place
Identify unknown calls or sms, and avoid spammers
Never lose your contact information and conversation history
You\'re all set %1$s
I\'m sorry, I don\'t recognize \'%1$s\' yet
Fair enough ☺ enjoy the rest of your %1$s!
Starting caller id demo...
Contacts+ is already your default SMS app
Hi, Bot+ here! I\'ve activated our caller id to identify unknown callers %1$s. Hit the send button to see it in action (it\'s free). Otherwise, swipe right to dismiss
Pretty cool, right? now let\'s try something else - touch the %img%ic_view_sms_popup_header%pipe%expand%img% button above to open our chat
Awesome! to start sending SMS, make Contacts+ your default SMS app by
touching this link
Ah! almost forgot... if you want more customization, such as changing the theme or the app icon, look at
our settings screen
Nicely done %1$s it\'s all free exploration from here, but I suggest you check
our quick tips
so you don\'t miss anything. Enjoy the rest of your %1$s %2$s
add shortcut
help center
See tips
Connect charger for backup
Backup now
Please select Contacts+
Continue as
Remove ads
Ads support the ongoing development of Contacts+, however, we know thatsome of our great users prefer an ads-free experience. To enjoy Contacts+ without ads, please support us byupgrading your account with a one-time purchase. You will also get a great set of premium features andpriority status ☺
Keep ads
Create contact under account
Carrier size limit
300KB|600KB|1.2MB|2MB|Carrier has no limit
Send a single MMS to all
Send multiple SMS to all
You\'ve previously used this Google account: %1$s. Wouldyou like to use it again?
You\'ve previously used this Facebook account: %1$s.Would you like to use it again?
You\'ve previously used your Facebook account.Would you like to use it again?
Go ad-free
One time payment
Total space: %1$s
Total space: unlimited
Backed up: %1$s
%1$s contacts not backed up
%1$s calls not backed up
%1$s sms not backed up
%1$d%% used
App icon updated (it may take a few seconds). You might need to re-add it to your home screen
App icon
Don\'t show this
Pay as you want
Select your price
Couldn\'t perform action
Xmas sale
This offer will only appear once
Get up to 50% off Contacts+ premium during Christmas.Don\'t miss out!
Upgrade now
Device\'s number
Needed for group messaging
Group messaging
Send a single MMS to all recipients
Group message
Couldn\'t send to - %s
Go Premium
Hit the send button by mistake? Try our new \'UNDO SEND\' option next time!
Undo send
Disabled|5 Seconds|10 Seconds
Sending has been undone
Add email
Backup file sent to %s
Your current contacts, sms and calls backup will be sent to %s
Choose an email
Export backup
Priority support
First-class support
Add notification access to make Contacts+ your default app for missed call notifications
Missed call support
Touch to add wallpaper, merge duplicates and more
Show SMS popup
Dialer & Calls
Make default phone app
Show minimized info card
Add home screen shortcut to calls tab
Add home screen shortcut to SMS tab
Caller ID
Contacts tab
Select your favorite color from our exclusive themes
Choose SMS bubble color
SMS bubble color
Choose your theme
Try it
See the last email from your contacts in their profile. Never search for emails again.
Get Gmail cards!
Caller ID is not working
Permission to draw over the call screen is required
SIM contacts can\'t be merged. See help for more info
New duplicates found
%d duplicate contacts were recently created by apps on your phone
OK, thanks
Fix this
Touch to add search fields, and see more results
We\'ve detected %d empty contacts that can\'t be merged, would you like to delete those contacts instead?
No duplicates found
Choose your level
For basic protection
For advanced protection and customization
For maximum protection and features
Most popular
SMS & calls integration
2,000 contacts backup
10,000 contacts backup
10,000 calls backup
10,000 sms backup
2,000 calls backup
2,000 sms backup
Unlimited contacts backup
Unlimited calls backup
Unlimited sms backup
Caller ID & Spam block
Secured & encrypted
All themes
Priority support
Unlimited spam number backup
App lock
Undo sending of SMS
Export backup files
No ads
Support Contacts+ development
All app icons
One time payment
Beautiful themes
When you switch or lose your phone,we’ll make sure your contacts stay with you.
Save time and hassle – identifyunknown callers and block unwanted telemarketers and spammers!
All your data is safely stored in the cloudusing the most widely accepted security standards.
Never lose important SMS and calls, and easilyrestore deleted items from your account.
Select from over 80 color combinations oradd a wallpaper from your gallery.
Hit the send button by mistake? No worries– simply click undo and save yourself the trouble...
Whenever you need help our prioritysupport team is just an email away.
Numbers you report as spam or add to yourblock list are saved, so you’ll never need to report them again.
Want to keep a history of your backups?Need to export your contacts to a different device? No problem – email it with a tapof a button.
Protect your privacy by adding a lockwhen opening the app.
Hide duplicate phones
Contact profile
Choose from over 80 themes or select a wallpaper from your gallery
Make Contacts+ Yours!
Swipe right to dismiss
Add attachment
Notify when blocking numbers
Type name or number
Don\'t show this card
%d file(s)
Please install Google Play services
Turn on
This helpful card will let you see the last email from your contacts in their profile
Introducing Gmail Card!
%1$s since %2$s
Call log+
Caller ID+
Search Contacts+
Speed dial
Search contacts
Search all contacts
%1$d selected
Share via
No, thanks
Double tap to make a call
Tips will be shown when you re-enter the app
Add more search fields by touching the drop down button in the search bar
Find contacts by typing their phone number or their name letters
You can change the default start screen from settings
Your favorite contacts can be shown first in this screen
Add beautiful wallpapers to your contacts from the contact menu
Touch the pic to quickly see the contact details
Tap once to call your favorite or frequent contacts
This is your new contacts home. Make it yours by adding a wallpaper!
SMS using
Call using
Email using
Contact using
Work place
Company & Position
Edit contact
Share contact
Share contact via
%s contact details
As attachment
As text
Home website
Homepage website
Company website
Profile page
Click to add %1$s
Copy to clipboard
Data copied
Photo options
Choose from gallery
Use profile pic
IM using
Internet call
Your contacts home
Hmm… Looks like no one is here.
%1$s group
Custom contacts
You can choose which contacts to display here.
The fastest way to connect
Tap once to call your favorites
Your favorite contacts will show up here.
Your frequent contacts will show up here.
Your messages
SMS chats will show up here.
Unread messages
All caught up :)
Blocked messages
SMS from blocked numbers will only appear here.
Your call history
Calls you made or received will appear here.
Blocked calls
Calls from blocked numbers will only appear here.
%1$s calls
Only %1$s calls appear here.
No matches found for \"%1$s\"
%1$s contact
Nothing here...
Call history
%1$s calls will appear here.
SMS chat
%1$s messages will appear here.
Sign in
Show speed dial screen
App start
When starting the app
Open speed dial screen|Open contacts screen|Open sms screen|Open calls screen
Always open the dialer
Colors & wallpaper
App bar color
Background color
Incoming call popup
Manually configure APN
Contacts+ determines your APN settings automatically, if you believe the values are incorrect, you can override them
None|Pattern|Code (PIN)
Show notifications
Lollipop APIs don\'t support \'Stagefright\' fix
Don\'t use Lollipop MMS APIs
Might fix MMS issues on Lollipop devices
Prevents MMS attachments from being auto downloaded. Only download attachments in messages you expect to receive
\'Stagefright\' security hole fix
No phones
Show favorite contacts first
If you lose your phone, Contacts+ will make sure your contacts stay with you. %2$s -- use my code: %1$s for free space.
Hi, if you lose your phone Contacts+ will make sure that your contacts, sms and call history stay with you. Get it free %1$s.
Send MMS
Contact pic will be updated shortly
Wallpaper will be updated shortly
Clear default
Set default
Edit speed dial
%d contacts will be removed from speed dial
Remove from speed dial
All frequent contacts will be removed from speed dial
Today is %1$s\'s %2$s
Clear frequents
Send SMS
No contacts
Text size
All SMS chats will be deleted
%d chats will be marked as read
%d chats will be deleted
%d numbers will be blocked
%d calls will be deleted
SMS to %s
Show history
Use wallpaper
Search in
About %s
Select at least 2 contacts to merge
%d contacts will be added to favorites
%d contacts will be merged
%d contacts will be deleted
Add home screen shortcut
Select sms
Select calls
Select contacts
See less
See all
Clear defaults
Set as full screen
Like us on Facebook
Like Contacts+ to get the latest updates
Become a fan and Like us!
Couldn\'t download MMS. Please check in MMS Settings
+1 on Google
Become a fan
Successfully signed in!
Choose an account
Would you like to protect your phone with free backup?
Don\'t block saved contacts
Signature is limited to %d characters
MMS Settings
Conflicting app found
We\'ve detected that the following app might prevent receiving MMS: \'%s\'
To avoid MMS issues, this should not exceed the maximum size your carrier allows
APN Settings
Copy values from Android Settings app -- More -- Cellular networks -- Access Point Names -- \'mms\'
Couldn\'t download attachment. Please check in MMS settings
Reminder set
Cannot snooze to time that already passed
Pick date & time
Trial version
Would you like to try backup for free for %1$s days?
Your SMS will be back shortly
Your calls will be back shortly
Phone ringtone
SMS ringtone
Dual SIM mode
Your contacts, sms and call history are only a swipe away. No need to switch apps.
Protect your phone
When you switch or lose your phone, we make sure that your contacts, sms and call history stay with you.
By continuing you accept the <a href="">termsand conditions</a>
Get started
OK, got it
You can change your mind later from settings
Don\'t show again
SMS blocked by Contacts+
Call blocked by Contacts+
Spam Call (%1$s)
Identified as spam (%1$s)
Identified as %1$s
Spam Call
%1$s people reported this as spam
Identified number
For contacts
For unknown calls
After call popup
Popup theme
Popup location
Block &amp; Caller ID
Caller ID &amp; after call
Block numbers
My blocked numbers
Block all known spammers
Block private numbers
Hooray, no spammers here!
Add number
Add number to block list
Number(s) removed from block list
Popup display time
Until I answer
Until I dismiss
%s seconds
Number blocked
Block number
Remove number from block list
Call ended
Choose from contacts
Type a number
Contacts+ blocks spam calls &amp; sms and protects me from %1$s blacklisted numbers. Try it: %2$s
Block summary
You are protected against %1$s spam numbers
%1$s spam calls were blocked
%1$s spam sms were blocked
SMS blocking is off when Contacts+ is not the default SMS app. Touch to update
SMS restore is off when Contacts+ is not the default SMS app
New contact added
More options
Caller-ID needs a Google account set up on the device
Add account
Turn on Caller ID
Backup &amp; Sync
Thanks for signing up!
Have already joined :-)
We\'ll be in touch as soon as your device is supported
Tell your friends
Your backup account is available
Show sms &amp; call log tabs
New device
Your %1$s is now backed up!
Contacts+ backup service
Not me
My account
Backup space
Upgrade your account
Free backup space
Get more storage
When a friend enters your code, you both get free backup space for <b>1,000 sms &amp; calls</b>
Would you like to backup your sms and call history for free instead of upgrading?
SMS restore is off
Share your code:
Contacts+ is not your default sms app
Data restore
Data snapshots
Coming soon! Touch to learn more
Recycle bin
Deleted %1$s
Unlimited protection for your contacts, sms and calls. Cancel any time.
Unlimited backup space for your contacts, sms &amp; call history
Unlock over 80 customizable themes
Restore your deleted sms &amp; calls in a snap
Priority response from our support team
Restore your data to a previous date in time (snapshots)
SMS &amp; calls sync between all your devices
Backup space is full
Backup space is almost full
Touch to upgrade your account
Nothing yet...\nInvite your friends to get free backup space
Send a reminder email in 1 week
Try Contacts+ Backup and Get Free Space!
Use my Contacts+ promo code, %1$s, to backup your contacts, sms and call log for free. Get it here: %2$s
Last backup
Account name
Account status
Premium since %1$s
Renews on %1$s
Valid until %1$s
Manage subscription
Subscription cancelled
Got an invite from a friend? Enter his promo code and get free backup space for <b>1,000</b> sms &amp; calls
Promo code
Invalid code. Check your code and try again
Your code was successfully updated
See space earned
You got more backup space!
Touch to see your earned space
Space earned
My devices
Are you sure you want to disconnect the &quot;%1$s&quot;?
Sign out
Signing out will stop the backup of your contacts, sms and calls
Your account is currently limited to %1$d devices. Would you like to disconnect one of your connected devices to sign in with this one?
Couldn\'t sign in to your backup account. Check your connection and try again
Couldn\'t find your backup account
New user
Go to app
No connection
Recent activity
Turn on backup
Contacts sources
Touch to select sources
This device
Other Devices
You\'re currently signed-in from one device. Once you sign-in to your backup account from other devices they\'ll automatically show up here
Add to this device
Available on this device
Not supported
Please install the app from Google Play to add this account to your device
Couldn\'t complete the purchase
Data protection service
We prevented contacts deletion. Touch to learn more
Data protection
As part of our data protection service we\'ve detected that %1$s contacts were deleted from your phone.\n\nDon\'t worry - your data is safe with us. You can always see the relevant contacts, restore or remove them from our recycle bin in case this was not you.
Show contacts
%1$d %2$s selected
No %1$s selected
SMS chats can only be shown on tablets with a telephony service
You can only send sms from tablets with a telephony service
You can only make calls from tablets with a telephony service
Your tablet doesn\'t have a telephony service. This means that you won\'t be able to see your sms chats, send sms or make calls via Contacts+
Your tablet doesn\'t have a telephony service. This means that you\'ll be able to see your sms and call history, but won\'t be able to send sms or make calls via Contacts+
Priority support - version %1$s
First-class support - version %1$s
Your phone is supported!
Your account was disabled
Your backup account is available! Please update Contacts+ from Google Play to start backing up your data.
Touch to update
Start your free trial today!
Free trial
Show only contacts with phones
Click action
Sync now
Last update
Backing up...
Backing up... %1$d/%2$d
Advanced settings
Homescreen widget
Birthdays notification
Select which contacts to sync
Remove all synced photos
Report an issue
%s settings
Sync info with contact
Unlink this contact
Select ringtone for %1$s
Split messages
Split messages every 160 characters
Ignore accents
Outgoing messages
Enable notifications
Default notification
Pop-up turns screen on
Outgoing call confirmation
About us
Help translate Contacts+
Enter is smiley
Contacts+ (synced contacts)
Share Contacts+
Starred contacts first
Show last name first
Keep a 160 characters limit by ignoring accents
Delivery Confirmation
Request a delivery report for sent messages
Only on Wi-Fi
Only when charging
Dialpad language
Touch sound &amp; feedback
Product tour
Recipients were added to BCC field
Set as profile pic
Frequency|ABC by first name|ABC by last name
Sort contacts by
View contacts as
Picture size
Last updated
A new version is available (%1$s)
Rate us
Remember this choice
No application found for this action
Couldn\'t save details
Unable to %s
No contact was found
Seems we have a problem... Please send us a report and we\'ll fix this!
Send a report
Choose a contact to merge with
This device has no telephony services
Please wait...
Clear this contact call log?
Contact call log cleared
Couldn\'t clear contact call log
No edit app found
Contacts joined
Contact separated
This contact cannot be separated
Couldn\'t delete this contact. Please try via your original contacts app
Invitation sent
Invitations sent
Couldn\'t send an invitation
Message sent
Message deleted
%s messages were deleted
No messages to delete
The attachment was successfully downloaded
Couldn\'t download the attachment
Couldn\'t download. Please try again
Chat deleted
Couldn\'t send your message. Please try again
Couldn\'t send your message
SIM contacts cannot be joined, you can hide them instead
This action may take several minutes
Clear the call log?
Delete this contact?
Separate this single contact into multiple contacts?
Select snooze time
15 min
1 hour
2 hours
Tomorrow morning
Call Reminder
Message Reminder
Phone-only, unsynced
All other contacts
More groups\u2026
Hey there!
Tap someone in the list
Saving visible contacts\u2026
Visible contacts
New contact
Private number
Pay phone
Call %s
Remove from call log
Add to contacts
Save contact
Add 2-sec pause
Add wait
Make a call to
Don\'t ask again
No Calls
Call Log
Call Log Settings
Missed call
%1$s Missed calls
Missed calls
Call back
Missed call notification
Clear calls
Message options
Delete message
%1$s unread messages
Delete thread
Sign Up
Take a picture
Capture video
Mark all read
Delete all threads
No subject
Searching more...
Compose new message
New message
Mark as read
%1$s is your SMS app
Tap to make Contacts+ your default app
Save picture
Unknown sender
Couldn\'t find service message
Invalid destination
Service not activated
Service network issue
Couldn\'t download attachment from %2$s. Check MMS settings
Couldn\'t send MMS
MMS message size limit reached
This thread will be deleted
This message will be deleted
Your phone is currently connected to SIM-%1$s data network. Would you like to temporarily switch to SIM-%2$s?
You can only delete messages when using Contacts+ as your SMS app
You can only mark messages as read when using Contacts+ as your SMS app
Enable SMS
Disable SMS
Make default SMS app
This will remove all SMS screens from the app (you can add them back later)
SMS enabled
SMS disabled
Copy email address
Copy phone number
Call log+ (badge)
Dialer+ (badge)
Messages+ (badge)
Tap a contact to edit
Edit widget
Press &amp; hold the widget to re-size
Complete action using
Your everyday contacts &amp; dialer app, powered with text messaging and much more - all in one place
<u>Select other app</u>
Download the app
Free contacts widget
Contacts+ widget
Enter profile
Whatsapp (Beta)
Sent via
Log In
Terms of Use
Invite Friends
Log out from %s
SIM Card
Add to favorites
Contacts+ contact
Select contact
Select phone
%1$s Sync
Select dialer screen
Take our survey!
Touch to see
Could\'nt complete the purchase (%s)
Searching for duplicates…
We\'ll show you your duplicates soon
Stop the merging process?
Couldn\'t merge contacts. Please try again
+%1$s more
Merge all
%1$s duplicates found
We found %1$s duplicate contacts
Merge duplicates
Merging contacts…
Merging %1$s contacts
We\'ll show you your merged contacts soon
%1$s contacts merged
%1$s: %2$s
Please review all selected duplicates before merging. You can separate each merged contact individually from their profile.
Merged duplicates
Your contacts will be back shortly
App lock
Add app lock
Choose app lock
Choose a code
Confirm your code
App lock added
App lock removed
You have incorrectly tried to open the passcode %1$d times. Try again in %2$d seconds.
Protect your privacy by adding a lock when opening the app
Buy now - %s
Forgot pattern?
Cell added
Pattern cleared
Pattern completed
Pattern started
Connect at least 4 dots.\nTry again…
Draw an unlock pattern:
Draw pattern to unlock:
Pattern recorded!
Redraw pattern to confirm:
Release finger when done
Sorry, try again
Your new unlock pattern:
Free premium ended
Touch to earn more free premium days

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